About Bangladesh

Bangladesh in a Snapshot

  • Bangladesh is located in South Asia and is bordered by India, Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal
  • The country has a total area of 56,977 square miles
  • The total population of Bangladesh is 152.5 million and the total GDP is $258.608 billion
  • Bangladesh won the Liberation war on December 16, 1971 from Pakistan
  • The official and national language of the country is Bengali (Bangla)
  • Bangladesh is divided into seven administrative divisions: Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barisal and Rangpur. Dhaka is the capital city of the country; and
  • The Bengali New Year is celebrated on the 14th of April every year.

Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

  • Longest natural sea beach in the world located in Cox’s Bazar in the Chittagong division
  • World’s largest mangrove forest, known as the Sundarbans, is located in Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Sundarbans is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers
  • Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh is the 11th largest bridge in the world
  • The largest tea gardens in the world are located in Sylhet Division
  • The parliament house in Dhaka is one of the best architectural masterpiece in South Asia
  • Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank from Bangladesh won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006
  • Bangladesh is very rich in culture and heritage; There are many historical sites located all across the country
  • Bangladesh is listed among the Next Eleven economies and Global Growth Generator countries
  • Many Bangladeshis sacrificed their lives to establish Bengali as the national language in 1952. In 2000, UNESCO declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day for the whole world to celebrate in recognition of this event.

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