Bangladeshi Grocery Store

There are several Bangladeshi, Indian Pakistani restaurants that sell halal meat and desi grocery near UT Dallas. Students can purchase halal meat, different types of desi spices, chanachur, desi sweets, Bangladeshi fishes and many other things at reasonable prices. Some of the notable Bangladeshi grocery stores near UT Dallas are Indo Pak in Richardson and Plano, India Bazaar in Plano and Shalimar in Irving.

Additionally, there are retail centers near the UT Dallas campus, such as Wal-Mart, Target and Tom Thumb, for students to buy day to day necessary things (eggs, bread, butter, cereal, etc). The UT Dallas bus goes to Wal-Mart every Friday. On the other hand, Tom Thumb and Target are walking distances from campus as well as the off campus apartment complexes.

Furthermore, there are several Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants near the UT Dallas campus. These restaurants often have deals for students. At times, the restaurants serve buffet to the customers at reasonable prices. Some of the well known restaurants in the nearby area are:

  • Indo Pak Café (Plano/Richardson/Carrollton)
  • Spice ‘N’ Rice
  • Shalimar Market Irving
  • Taj Grocers (Irving)
  • Texas King
  • India Bazaar
  • Swadeshi (McCallum Blvd)