Prospective students coming to UT Dallas have the option to stay on campus or off campus. There are apartment complexes available on campus:

University Village Apartments

These complexes have one bedroom, two bedroom as well as four bedrooms available for students. Students can usually select the type of apartment they want to reside in. However, since a large number of students come to UT Dallas every year, these complexes usually do not have any apartments available. In addition, it is slightly expensive to live on campus compared to off campus housing.

Prospective students have various choices as far as off campus housing is concerned. Most of the BSO members reside in Ashwood Park Apartment complex (Phone# 972-248-7650) and Chatham Courts apartment complex (Phone# 972-248-3740). In addition, there are other apartment complexes on the McCallum Street such as McCallum Crossings, McCallum Glen, Courts of McCallum, etc. These apartments are typically reasonable compared to on campus housing. Additionally, the UT Dallas campus shuttle/bus goes around the street to on campus every 20 minutes on weekdays. It is free for everyone. For details on the off campus housing, please see the following websites-

Ashwood Park Apartments

Chatham Court

McCallum Communities

McCallum Meadows

McCallum Crossing

Marquis at Waterview

Palencia Apartments Home

Given the number of international students at UT Dallas has grown significantly over the past few years, it is very difficult to obtain a good apartment. BSO recommends prospective Bangladeshi students for housing well in advance right after obtaining the student visa. Every student must go through an application process to obtain an apartment (on campus or off campus). If prospective students need help with the application process, please contact the Executive Committee members of BSO.

** A breakdown of an approximate cost of apartments as well as the living expenses is given in the FAQ section of this website.