Mission and Constitution


The objective of Bangladesh Student Organization (BSO) at University of Texas at Dallas is to promote the culture of Bangladesh in Dallas metroplex and UTD and to assist new students from Bangladesh to adapt at UTD. Approximately 75 members, 7 staff, 3 faculties, over 100 active and involved alumni, as well as guests from the DFW Bangladeshi community are currently part of the organization. With the number of students coming from Bangladesh to UT Dallas growing significantly, BSO is expected to expand in the near future.

Bangladesh is a South Asian country with a rich cultural heritage. By celebrating Bangladeshi festivals, we try to bring a taste of our beloved country and culture to this foreign and diverse land. Aside from helping new students with a smoother transition to university life at UTD, through various events and programs, we represent Bangladesh to Dallas metroplex area, in general, and UTD students, in particular.

Constitution of The Bangladeshi Student Organization

Article I : Name

This organization shall be named as the “Bangladeshi Student Organization” with the acronym of BSO.

Article II : Statement of Purpose

The main objectives of the organization will be as follows:

  • Serve the purpose of exposing the rich and beautiful culture of Bangladesh particularly to but not limited to the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).
  • Provide support and assistance to new students arriving to UT Dallas from Bangladesh. This may include transportation, housing and other amenities.
  • Work toward promoting friendship and interaction among its members and UT Dallas community.
  • Extend student involvement through volunteering on campus and within the community.
  • Attempt to serve Bangladesh through fund raising, student scholarship, or in other ways or form possible.
  • Develop skills in leadership, event management, networking and self-reliance among members of BSO.
  • Address the challenges encountered by current BSO members.
  • Act as a voice of the members, if necessary, to represent the student rights, needs, interests and opinions to the Faculty, Staff and Administration in regard to furthering their lives while pursuing higher education at UT Dallas.

Article III: Membership

Section 1:

Bangladeshi Student Organization is a voluntary, nonprofit, nonreligious and nonpolitical organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status. Any current student, faculty or staff of UTD, who has firm interest on Bangladesh and the activities of BSO is welcome to join the organization. The term “current student” applies to individuals who are at least enrolled for 1 (one) credit during Summer/Fall/Spring semester(s) and has a valid UTD ID.

Section 2: Membership

Membership may be granted to the applicant by the executive committee on or before two weeks after the date of receiving the application. Membership must be approved by the standing officers of the organization in the next general meeting. It is the duty of a member to keep his or her membership active by observing all the rules and regulations of the Bangladeshi Student Organization (BSO). If a BSO member performs any improper act outside the organization’s scope, BSO will and cannot be held responsible.

Section 3: Membership Fee

All members will be charged $5 per long semester (Fall/Spring) that will go to the BSO Accounts and will be used to cover event expenses. The membership dues must be paid by the first month of the long semester for which membership is sought.

Section 4: Impeachment and Expulsion Policy

Should a situation arise such that the activity and the attitude of any member/officer are found to be damaging to the objectives of the association, disciplinary action may be taken against him/her. Disciplinary action(s) may include:

  1. Impeaching the officer: Should any member feel that an officer has failed to fulfill his/her duty, has misused power, or has usurped association funds, that member may make a motion to have that officer impeached from his/her position. The accused office bearer has the right to defend himself/herself. The motion to impeach an office bearer must be approved by two thirds of the standing members of the association.

  2. Expulsion of the member: The accused member has the right to defend himself/herself. Expulsion of the member must be approved by two thirds of the standing members. The message of censure will be delivered by the President.

Section 5: Friend Member Policy

BSO is open to UTD alumni, family members, volunteers and guests who share similar interests and are willing to serve the organization for its greater benefit. Such individuals are termed as “Friend Members of BSO” and are allowed to participate in any BSO event and contribute towards to the development of the organization. However, they are not allowed to vote and/or maintain officer status. Such individuals are also limited from intervening organizational issues and activities. Any individual who could pose a threat to the organization or any of its members or others affiliated with BSO or UTD will be expelled without the approval of majority of the standing members.

Article IV: Administration

Section 1: The President

The president is the principal officer. The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization. President shall enforce the bylaws and have power to call special meetings. The president would also make sure that at least two executive officers attend SOF meetings. The President would also act as the liaison officer between BSO and SOF.

Section 2: The Vice President

The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President, assist the President in the management of the organization, shall assume all of the rights and duties of the president in his/ her absence and perform other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Committee (EC).

Section 3: General Secretary

The General Secretary will maintain all the records of BSO and shall not disclose without consultation with the executive committee. He/she will execute and follow up all the executive committee’s decisions for BSO, decide and call upon meeting date after consulting with the executive committee. Prepare and present the annual report of BSO to the general members and perform other duties as assigned by the executive committee.

Section 4: The Treasurer

He/She shall be present in all of SOF and other fund raising activities of the organization and manage the organization’s financial records. Also, he/she will be responsible for maintaining the funds and bank accounts of the organization.

Section 5: The Webmaster

He/She will be responsible for maintaining and updating the BSO website and pages located on OrgSync and Facebook periodically.

Section 6: Public Relations Officer

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) will act as the representative of BSO to the university and to other organizations both on and offcampus to maintain a liaison and exchange views of shared interest. The PRO will also be responsible of circulating the organizational achievements, activities and updates to the public and social media.

Section 7: Cultural Secretary

The Cultural Secretary shall be in charge of organizational event management that includes, but not limited to, the International Week, Bangladesh Night, social gatherings, sporting events etc. The Cultural Secretary can also be in charge of organizing volunteers for university or other community events.

Section 8: Replacement of Officers

If an EC member wants to resign, leaves UTD or is unable to perform his/her official duties of BSO for any other reason, he/she may be replaced by a new candidate for the same position. If an officer is absent from a EC meeting for three consecutive times without a valid reason, he/she may be removed from his/her position by the President and replaced by a new candidate. In a critical moment, if a replacement candidate is unavailable, an existing EC member may accept to take dual responsibilities. On certain occasions, the committee and the Advisor may also agree on dissolving an EC position (except for the President and General Secretary) if necessary.

Article V: Elections

Section 1: Time of elections

A general election will be held at the end of each year on the basis of one member one vote to elect the Executive Committee officers . The academic term of office shall begin on January and end on December.

Section 2: Votes necessary for election

All the officers shall be elected through general voting procedure, as agreed by the election committee. The officers shall be elected for the term of one year.

Section 3: Qualification of voters

All active members (students, faculty and staffs) of BSO will be a voting member. Only active members shall have voting power.

Section 4: Qualification of the officers

A current student of UTD can nominate himself/herself for an officer position within the timeline stipulated by EC. A student will be considered eligible for the Position of president or Vice-President if he/she, in addition to being a current student at UTD, has demonstrated notable involvement with BSO for at least one year. EC will exercise the utmost discretion in defining what constitutes „notable involvement’ given the current state of affairs. Nomination of a candidate for the position of President will be rejected if the candidate currently holds the position of President in EC. In the interest of fairness, EC will make a proactive effort to ensure that each position receives more than one nomination. Nominations fully compliant with the aforementioned rules will be accepted by EC.

Section 5: Recognition of officers and members

By the end of each academic term, the BSO will award the members in recognition to the efforts and services they provided to the development of the organization. The awards will be reserved for the Best Officer, the Best Member, the Best Alumni and the Best Volunteer of the year. The awards will be decided by the Advisor and the EC members.

Section 6: Recognition of officers and members

In order to vote, a person must be a registered member in BSO’s Orgsync portal. Registered members will vote in Orgsync to elect the officers on a specific date previously announced by EC. Prior to the date of the election, the candidates will be required to reach out to the voters via a mode of social media as determined by EC. The results of the vote will be published on the day of voting. In case of a tie, a lottery will be organized by the EC members to break the tie. EC will decide on and oversee all the implementation details of the voting process and be responsible for resolving any issues in good faith

Article VI: Advisor

The Advisor must be a full time faculty or staff of UT Dallas. The Advisor should recognize and support participation in BSO for its contribution to the educational and personal development of students. He/she should attend mandatory risk management training session; work with BSO but not dictate the group’s programs or activities; be frank in offering suggestions, considerations or ideas, and discussing possible consequences; be well informed about the plans and activities of the BSO; attend some meetings and consult frequently with the organization’s officers; know the goals and directions of BSO; help BSO evaluate its progress; be aware of the constitution and bylaws of BSO and help with interpretation, if applicable; provide a source of continuity within the organization and be familiar with BSO’s history; be familiar with university policies and procedures and help BSO comply with them; be aware of the general financial condition of the organization, and encourage good record keeping; help train and develop the leadership skills of new officers; be prepared to deal with major problems or emergencies within BSO; and monitor group functioning and encourage members to fully participate while maintaining a balance between academic and cocurricular activities.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1: General meetings

One BSO general meeting will be conducted every month.

Section 2: Special meeting

President, Vice President, General Secretary and the Advisor have the authority to call special meetings.

Article VIII: Method to Amend

The constitution, if necessary, may be amended in a special general meeting called by the Executive Committee with the twothirds vote of the total BSO members present during the meeting. All general member should be notified in writing of this meeting at least two weeks in advance.

Article IX

If the organization dissolves the funds left after paying all dues and bills, that will be spent towards a humanitarian work.