Transportation in Dallas

The public transportation system in Dallas city is very good. A free UT Dallas bus (883) runs from the university every 20 minutes during the weekdays. On weekends, the bus runs from the university every hour. This shuttle connects the University to the Bush Turnpike Dart train station as well as the apartments on the McCallum Street. In addition, the 883 bus shuttle takes students to Wal-Mart super center store every Friday on an hourly basis. The 883 bus service is free for everyone to ride.

Two additional Dart buses run on McCallum Street. The Dart Bus 362 connects the McCallum Apartments to Addison Transit Center and Arapaho train station. On the other hand, BUS 451 connects the McCallum Apartments to Forest Lane Station and Jack Hatchell Transit Center. Dart Rail runs from the Bush Turnpike, Arapaho and Forest Lane stations to downtown Dallas. In addition, these transit centers have additional bus services to different directions of the Dallas Metroplex area.

These train and bus services are not free and students will need to have a dart pass to ride on these vehicles. However, UT Dallas issues free annual dart passes to current students. In order to apply for the dart passes, students have to first register for classes. The link to apply for the dart pass is given below:

UT Dallas is also planning to open an additional bus service (884) from July 31st, 2012. This bus will connect the campus to the apartments in Preston and Frankford roads. The bus service will also be free for UT Dallas students.

The link below provides additional information related to transportation: